Quality, safety and efficiency:  this is what matters when filling and packaging beverages, food and pharmaceuticals!  The modular solutions from HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH put these key factors into practice simply and effectively.  They ensure, during maximum productivity, that only perfect products reach the market.

Unique camera, X-ray and image processing technologies for a precise empty and full container inspection, trend-setting labelling technology and smart tools for container flow optimisation, production data acquisition and performance analysis safeguard product quality and line efficiency sustainably! A consistent modular design principle with a cross-system control unit for the most varied technologies, procedures and modules generates, together with a high component equality, the correct automation solution for every application.

Those who decide in favour of a user-friendly HEUFT system can depend on a high level of operational reliability. Competent support is always guaranteed with the long-term availability of spare parts and the 24/7 on call service.
This concept keeps the globally operating company on a dynamic course of growth. In the meantime the number of employees has long since exceeded the 1,000 mark. Highly efficient systems are manufactured in a production area of over 20,000 square metres for customers all over the world at the headquarters in Burgbrohl. Visitors gain an insight into the wide range of different HEUFT devices in the 700 square metre Customer Center.

The result: more safety, quality and efficiency during the filling and packaging of beverages, food and pharmaceuticals. HEUFT knows how!

The global technology leader

HEUFT sets the standards regarding innovative checking and inspecting technology for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries:

  • 1978 first HEUFT fill level detection

  • 1979 HEUFT DELTA-FW – patent approval of the first multi-segment rejection system ever

  • 1982 world's first ever device for an in-line quality inspection with a monitor

  • 1988 HEUFT SPECTRUM – first universal platform for modular inspection systems

  • 1991 HEUFT EBI – first empty bottle inspector for an efficient linear operation

  • 1997 HEUFT SPECTRUM TXfirst network-compatible platform for modular inspection systems

  • 1998 HEUFT TORNADO first labelling machine

  • 1999 HEUFT InLine – empty bottle inspection on only one square metre of floor space

  • 2001 HEUFT squeezer – leakage check for filled plastic containers

  • 2002 introduction of the HEUFT reflexx image processing system sets new detection standards

  • 2003 HEUFT eXaminerunique pulsed X-ray technology for a precise foreign object detection

  • 2010 HEUFT reflexx2 – real-time image processing system with specific object classification (teach-in)
  • 2011 HEUFT PRIMEfirst self-explanatory device with the audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance

  • 2011 HEUFT spotter PH – ampoule and vial inspection, first device for the pharmaceutical industry

  • 2012 HEUFT canLine empty can inspection

  • 2013 HEUFT SPECTRUM II universal device platform of the new generation

  • 2013 24/7 service availability sets new standards regarding technical support

  • 2014 HEUFT InLine II IXSfirst X-ray empty bottle inspector based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II

  • 2015 HEUFT eXaminer II optimised pulsed X-rays for a foreign object detection based on the highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II

  • 2015 HEUFT squeezer IIleakage check based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II

  • 2016 HEUFT LAMBDA-K – complete system comprising conveyor mechanics, conveyor control system and multi-segment rejector for a careful upright container rejection in a confined space

  • 2017 HEUFT InLine II IS – the new standard for an all-surface empty bottle inspection based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II

    HEUFT spotter II PHS – vial-inspection based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II

  • 2018 HEUFT TORNADO II dynamic – semi-modular labelling machine of the new generation with hands-free voice control

  • 2019 HEUFT canLine II – empty can inspection of the new generation

  • 2020 new X-ray measuring bridge for detecting underfills as well as overfills in one and the same work process

    HEUFT TeleService app – remote maintenance with live streaming

    remote audits, remote acceptance and remote commissioning

  • 2021 HEUFT spotter II BFScomplete inspection and integrity test for pharmaceutical blow fill seal ampoules and infusion bottles