Many advantages for fault-free vials

Straightforward, space-saving, highly automated and fully equipped: These are not the only features & benefits which distinguish the further developed HEUFT spotter II PHS vial inspector!

Pulsed X-ray, laser technology, high performance optics and now also Multi Color Image Processing (MCIP): what the HEUFT spotter II PHS uses to detect, amongst other things, foreign bodies, an excessive O2 content, contaminants and defects in vials filled with liquid or lyophilized contents is really extraordinary!

Hardly any other device for the pharmaceutical industry performs so many inspection tasks and functions using a wide variety of methods in one and the same operation. For almost every application, the highly automated all-in-one system for the complete inspection of full vials offers exactly the right detection technology.

Straightforward design, stress-free vial handling

However, this versatility is by no means its only advantage! In addition the compact HEUFT spotter II PHS is distinguished above all by its consistent linear operation: In contrast to conventional rotary machines there are no container carousels, no star wheels, no centering bells, no grippers and no format parts in the device! This saves a lot of space, makes type and product changes uncomplicated, and saves on maintenance and storage costs. The flexible modular design of the compact system allows a wide variety of installation positions. The highlights of its straightforward design also include special buffer tables for separating and spreading the container stream and lockable collection points for rejected pharmaceutical primary packaging materials.

Even when inspecting the quality of up to 600 small-format full vials per minute, the sensitive glass containers are never handled too roughly, but are conveyed very gently through the machine: Specially designed, harmonically controlled conveyors realize particularly stress-free handling of each individual injection bottle with minimal glass-to-glass contact, so that glass defects are precisely identified during inspection but cannot arise again in the first place.

High level of automation, secure online connection

The high degree of automation of the basic HEUFT SPECTRUM II device platform together with the mentioned waiving of container-specific format parts creates the prerequisites for quick format changes without mechanical changeover work. It also saves personnel resources overall. And should the user need to intervene the HEUFT NaVi user guidance provides him with step-by-step audio-visual support. This makes the HEUFTspotter II PHS  practically self-explanatory.

Furthermore it scores with a proprietary operating system and an online connection which is protected against cyber attacks for archiving batch and production data, for audit trail documentation as well as for remote maintenance via the HEUFT TeleService. The vial inspector also offers amongst other things targeted product tracking including rejection monitoring as well as self-tests for the regular checking of the detection reliability. It meets all current FDA, cGMP, GAMP5 and 21 CFR requirements.

More detection and rejection reliability during vial inspection

However, these are by no means all the features & benefits of the linear turnkey solution for a 100% vial inspection which combines pulsed X-ray, laser and the latest camera technology in a compact design. With the HEUFT reflexx A.I. and innovative Multi Color Image Processing there is now considerably more to be achieved in the reliable detection and rejection of non-marketable injection vials. So find it out: ACHEMA, 22nd to 26th August 2022, Booth 3.1/C57.